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What’s new at the shop???

March 22, 2011

Oh not too much.  Just having the best decks, shoes, and clothing of any shop in Salt Lake.  But that’s a given.  Also Spring is in the air.

It really is time to get rid of your soggy shop deck, or your ripped shoes.  So to help everyone out, we here at Brick and Mortar has put all decks at 45 bucks with grip, and all shoes ( except the adidas Buszinetz, those are 65) at 50 bucks.  Really can’t get a better deal anywhere.  So don’t sleep on it

because it will not last forever.


As for skating, here’s a quick clip.  If this is cruising a park for Dylan then I really feel bad for every kid trying to be pro…


Music and skateboarding

March 4, 2011

Music and skateboarding have always had a very strong connection to each other.  Think back on your favorite video part.  What made that part your favorite?  Sure it could be the tricks, or the skaters style, but one big factor I am sure of is the music which that particular skateboarder skated to.  Take for example my favorite video part, Jason Dill in Photosynthesis

This video to me has it all.  It has amazing spots, a skater with a good style, good trick selection, and an amazing song.  If this video part had all of the same elements, but with this song


I would hate it.


Music plays a huge part in the appreciation of skateboarding as a visual form.  But both music and skateboarding share similarities that go much deeper than song choice in a video part.  Both music and skateboarding have the possibility to change a person’s perspective on how they see and view the world.  As any skateboarder knows, once you get on a skateboard, the city is not just a city anymore.  Now instead of looking at stairs and ledges as a place to walk up, or sit down, you are now looking at them as skate able objects.  To a non-skateboarders eye this nice marble ledge

is a perfectly good place to sit and rest after a long day of walking.  But if you skate, that ledge could take up hours of your day skating, having fun.

Music is the same way.  The great composer John Cage created his famous piece 4’33” in 1952.  This composition really changed peoples perception as to what music really is.  Take a look:

Now listen to what John Cage has to say about his work


John Cage’s music allows a person to really understand and take a look as to what is really going on around them.  His music allows people to really listen to what’s happening around them, and to look at music in an entirely different way.  4’33” showed people that music was all around them, all of the time.    Skateboarding does the same exact thing.  Skateboarding is able to show people that everyday objects are not just what they appear to be.  Both music and skateboarding allow people to take a step back from how they view the world, and realize that there are multiple ways to look at, and listen to the world.

And because of this correlation, we at Brick and Mortar are extremely excited to welcome New York Cities’ Music skateboards into the store.  Take a look

and then come on down and pick one up!


Dirk Hogan Art show

February 28, 2011

Last Saturday, the 26th of Saturday,  we at Brick and Mortar had a little art show/ good time.  Everyone who attended had fun (except for maybe a few people who got a little sleepy).  Check out the photos to see how awesome it was!  The show is still up so there’s still more time to look at the awesome paintings by Dirk, Lily, and Christopher.

These photos were all taken by Sam Milianta



And these photos were taken by me:


Big thanks to everyone that came.  And thanks to Dirk, Lily, and swainston for hanging art and supplying the good times

The hits keep hitting

February 24, 2011

That’s right more radical gear!!!!!!!


In typical Brick and Mortar fashion, we got in some of the best stuff money can buy.  Let’s start off with the bitchen apparel we got in today.  Do you believe in aliens?  Do we co-exist?

If you believe, well then you should co exist with the Alien Workshop and pick up a T shirt.  Check them out


If aliens’ walking among us isn’t really your thing don’t worry because that’s not all we got in today.  If you are more of a tree hugger

and into nature and shit, well then chill dog, because we got in some Habitat gear as well.  We got in some totally chill Habitat T’s, hoddies, and pants.  Check them out.


Don’t need clothes?  All kitted out?

But you need some kicks?  Got you covered with these Emerica Laced shoes that came in today.

44.99, what a steal.  But your head, you need something for your head.  Try these.

OK, OK.  I get it.  What you really need is a board.  Good because we just got in a boat load

of new decks from Alien and Habitat, as illustrated in the below photograph



Yup that is Austyn Gillette’s debut pro model.  Damn that dude is sick.  Watch these.  Then come here and buy some of this stuff.

Hesh New Gear!!!!!!!!

February 14, 2011

Damn did we get in some HESH gear.  Anti-hero.  so hesh  This guy is Hesh


But you will look way cooler then that dude.  Check out this gear



We also got in some really cook Mishka gear.  This gear is cool and hip.  Even more hip then this guy.


Except this stuff is really cool, and Steve Aoki isn’t.  Check it out.



The best new stuff ever!!!

February 9, 2011

That’s right.  We just got in the best new stuff.  You want decks? got um.  You want t shirts, got um.  You want hoodies, got um.  You want shoes, got um.  First off we got in some new lumber

from Deluxe and Coda,  Check um fool

“Damn, that Coda board looks sick but I have never heard of that brand.”  Well you will now!  Watch this, and the watch the full length on vimeo

Damn that is a feel good video.  I bet right now you are wondering what shoes we got in.  Well let me tell you, we got in some super classic, super clean looking HUF shoes.


Now watch this.  The HUF commercials, just like their shoes are always classic and clean


As for the rest of the stuff we got in, it’s only the best DGK gear money can buy.  Check it all out!



February 2, 2011

A bunch of new stuff showed up again today.  Today some awesome busenitz shoes from adidas showed up.  These shoes rule, Buzenitz rules.  Watch this part, and then look at the shoe.

By buying these shoes you are agreeing that you would like to skate like Buzenitz, and that is something that we can all agree on.  So do yourself a favor and buy these.


We also got in a few pants from Analog today.  We got in these cool Khaki type pants


as well as these cool blue jeans.  These right here are classic americana blue jeans.  They remind me of this song…


and we all know who skated to that song…


Check out the pants


Cool, see you later…